United Way Fundraiser - Help Me Climb the CN Tower

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

CN Tower. Photo Credit: Wikipedia

I’m happy to announce that I’m working on a fundraising event for the United Way. This year I decided to sign-up for the annual United Way CN Tower Stair Climb on a team with my real life day job.

As the title describes the goal is to climb all 1,776 steps (about 115 stories) from the bottom of the CN Tower to the main observation deck where I will promptly pass out from exhaustion.

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As I mentioned, I’m on a team of 10 co-workers and I was devastated to discover today that I’m currently tied in last place so I need your help to help sponsor me. Any small donation will help.

I’m really excited to helping out with this cause. The United Way is a fantastic organization that works to address community issues and problems. They have over 200,000 volunteers across Canada and focus mainly on poverty, homelessness and families or individuals in crisis.

I have set a personal goal of $500 so anything can help with would be greatly appreciated. You can be motivated to donate by either knowing that your donation will really help people in need or, you can donate purely to help my pride and social standing at work. For that, I’m really grateful!

Remember, I’m currently in last place! You can donate here.

CN Tower Photo Credit: wikipedia.org

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David Johnston

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