Could You Compete Knowing Your Mother is an Olympic Judge?

Monday, 30 July 2012

olympic judge mom

There is Olympic pressure then Olympic pressure knowing that your mother is a judge...


Kiwi kayaker Mike Dawson has to contend with mother Kay being one of the judges at his K1 slalom event - and yesterday she pinged him for touching a gate.

He still made it through to the semifinals at the Lee Valley White Water Centre in northeast London, despite the 2-second penalty, and was able to laugh off his mum's intervention.

“Mum is super into it," Dawson, from Tauranga, said. "In fact I don't think she even knows when I'm coming through.

“I hit it [gate 5] and she gave me my touch. I wasn't sure it was a touch, so we'll sort that one out later.

“I am stoked she is here judging, and the sport is set up in a way that it has no impact on the result.”

Photo credit: IAIN McGREGOR/ Fairfax NZ

David Johnston

David Johnston

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