Werner Paddles Hit with Intellectual Property Theft

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Werner Paddles Logo An interesting story came across the old news wire last night so I contacted Jim Miller, Werner Paddles Marketing Manager to get the full story.

UC Sports is a manufacture of both paddles and surfboards. They have their own line of products but recently expanded it to include that were extremely similar to Werners blades; so similar in fact that the names of the blades are the same.

Comparing the two company's websites together, it is very clear that US Sports even stole the site template including colours and Werner's own stock photography.

"We were alerted to the company by our rep in Hawaii," Miller said. "He got a phone call from one of the stores after they received an email from US Sports looking to see if they would be interested in buying some low cost paddles."

Since the discovery, Werner has contacted UC Sports, working with them to ensure that the offending products are removed from production. So far it seems to be working.

"Over the past week, UC Sports has updated their website and removed most of the paddle line." Miller said.

Werner is mainly interested in putting the word out that they have no licensing agreements with any manufacturer to produce Werner paddles.

"All Werner paddles are hand built in the United States, in Sultan Washington and we are very proud of our heritage and reputation. To have this type of identity theft is a serious violation to us and our dealers who represent us so well," says Werner President, Bruce Furrer.

More info: Werner Paddles Press Release

David Johnston

David Johnston

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