Jackson Kayak Forges Partnership with Immersion Research and Astral

Wednesday, 23 July 2008
Jackson Kayak A little bit of business news on this fine summer afternoon.

Jackson kayak has announced that they have formed partnerships with clothing company, Immersion Research and PFD manufacture, Astral Buoyancy Company.

The partnership with Immersion Research involves gear and cash to the Jackson team for his, "input and influence on product development and brand building". So that means that they want Jackson to wear their stuff as product placement during events.

Jackson Kayak also announced that Astral Buoyancy Company will be outfitting the team with their latest PFD designs.

For those who might not know, Astral founder Philip Curry was also the founder of Lotus Designs way back before it was bought out by Patagonia.

According to the Astral website, in 1993 Curry pioneered the use of Cordura® in personal flotation devices (PFD). This spring, Curry introduced the world's first breathable lifejacket incorporating his patent-pending Airescape technology. Reflecting Astral's environmental ethos, the groundbreaking lifejacket known as the V-EightTM is constructed with 100 percent PVC-free foams to minimize impact on the natural environment.

More info: Official press release

David Johnston

David Johnston

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