Kayak Outfitter Sues City Over Proposed Kayak Fees

Friday, 29 August 2008
Kayaks stack up in the launch area. Photo by: Danielle VinlandThings are getting messy between outfitters and the city of La Jolla Shores, CA. A short while ago, we reported how the single boat launch there was getting so busy with kayak rentals that the city was considering setting up a lottery amongst all the outfitters. The lottery would help ease congestion by regulating what times outfitters could launch their boats on weekends.

Now an outfitter has decided to sue the city and is challenging the cities right to charge annual fees to businesses using the ramp.

Rodney Watkins, owner of Scuba San Diego, contends that the La Jolla shores ramp "doesn't belong to the city. It belongs to the people of the state of California. Because of that, the city has no legal or statutory authority to charge anything to use that land."

He is also seeking an immediate injunction against the city to limit progress on the development of the lottery.

Though, outfitters don't like the proposed changes, many of the local people welcome the adjustment.

San Diego Lifeguard Capt. Rick Wurts said there has long been a steady increase in the use of the (Shores) boat launch for kayaks and "an increasing number of rescues that have had something to do with kayaks."

More info: lajollalight.com
Photo Credit: Danielle Vinland

David Johnston

David Johnston

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