Greenland Paddling just got a bit cooler with Bug Head Tuiliks

Thursday, 04 December 2008
Bug Head TuilikStevie McAllister over at the blog, kayakbrooklyn just brought to my attention a new Tuilik manufacturing company that you need to check out called Bug Head.

They make a wide range of Greenland paddling accessories including Akuilisaqs, light weight neoprene Tuiliks, cockpit covers and headwear.

What's different about these is that they seem to be well designed but also super edgy and cool. They are actively working to make Greenland Paddling gear a lot less stuffy and serious then currently on the market. Yes, you can order your typical all black Tuilik but you can get the same one in Polar Bear Blond, Ivory, Gray, Dark Gray, Forest Green, or Brown.

The best part is that they offer custom patterns that can sewn on the back that include Bulls Eyes, Spiders, Winged Devils, Dog Bones, etc. A pattern doesn't suit your needs? Add letters to the back with slogans like, "Hell Yes, I'm Wearing my PFD" or "60% Water".

Though their "Black Art" might not be for everybody, it's a good step forward in shaking up the conservative clothing options that are currently available on the market.

Check them out at:

David Johnston

David Johnston

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