Epic Kayaks manufacturing molds held for ransom - Now going to court

Wednesday, 10 December 2008
Epic Kayaks LogoHere is an interesting story that has just broke. Charleston-based kayak company, Epic Kayaks is taking their contracted manufacturing company to court because they refuse to release Epic Kayaks' proprietary kayak molds and threatened to put the company out of business in China.

Greg Barton, a two-time Olympic gold and bronze medalist and co-owner of Epic Kayaks said that the issues started back in July over project management and pricing which forced Epic Kayaks to end the business relationship with their Fuyang-based manufacture, Flying Eagle.

Flying Eagle is a well reputed company who manufactures the rowing shells that many national teams used at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

But four months after agreeing in principle to a separation agreement, Flying Eagle refused to release Epic's molds and equipment unless it received "hugely inflated, ever-changing fees that, if paid, would sink the company," Epic said in a statement.

Barton has spent the past three months in China trying to negotiate a settlement and has spent nearly half this year dealing with production in China. As the demands of Flying Eagle kept escalating, including clauses that could potentially leave Epic vulnerable to penalties up to $1 million.

Barton is just interested in getting a fair hearing in Chinese court. They have hired attorneys in hopes of negotiating a solution.

More info: charlestonbusiness.com

David Johnston

David Johnston

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