Breaking News: Bending Branches Acquires Aqua-Bound

Friday, 19 December 2008
Bending Branches LogoI just found out that Bending Branches has bought out Aqua-Bound Paddles and will be moving their manufacturing, sales and customer support from Surrey, British Columbia to Osceola Wisconsin.

According to the press release Joe Matuska (owner of Aqua-Bound) will still stay involved with product development. I have heard this will be for two years at least. Both brands will operate independently of each other for both dealers and customers. The major difference will be when they consolidate both companies manufacturing to one factory.

I have always been a big fan of Aqua-Bound paddles. For many years they have made super tough paddles that are both light weight and economical in price. Compared to some other paddle companies, they have always been a little conservative in their designs and sticking with what works. For example, they don't have any crank shaft models and have stayed with low angle paddle designs. to me, that is fine because the models they offer, work great.

More info: Press Release

David Johnston

David Johnston

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