DuPont Develops New Natural Insect Repellent

Monday, 27 April 2009
Remember Kids: talk to your cat about catnip.DuPont announced today that they have received approval from the US Environmental Protection Agency for a new type of natural insect repellent derived from the catmint plant (catnap to you non cat lovers). The new refined oil is going to be called Nepeta cataria and it's being classed as a biopesticide. Not quite sure that a biopesticide but it sounds really fancy.

According to the press release, DuPont says it has the effectiveness of DEET yet isn't oily like traditional insect repellents. It also comes with a nice pleasant smell to boot.

Since it just got approved as a primary ingredient in repellents, there is no word on when it will be incorporated into actual products but you will probably find it blended into sunscreens and anti-bug juice shortly. It's also currently under review with the Canada Pest Management Regulatory Agency as well.

I'm looking forward to this. I love the smell of citronella but I find that it usually isn't strong enough for the blackflies and bumblebee size mosquitoes that we get in Northern Ontario. DEET is the best but it melts nylon super fast and kills latex gaskets of dry suits in about 43 seconds so it's only as an absolute last resort.

Here is an accurate sample of what we need to deal with here in Ontario. Honest!

See the full press release: SNEWS

David Johnston

David Johnston

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