Wavesport Graphic Design Competition – Drawing Geeks, Start your Pens!

Friday, 15 May 2009
Wavesport Graphic Design ContestHow wicked cool is this. Wavesport (in partnership with Core77) have announced a competition open to anybody who feels they have the chops to design the best river running / freestyle kayak boat graphics in the world.

The top 5 designs will be displayed at the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market Show in Salt Lake City in July 2009. Winners will also receive a kayak with their own design.

If you are interested, you had better jump on board quickly. The closing date for entry is May 25 with the winners being announced, June 2.

Wave Sport Design Competition from wavesport.core77 on Vimeo.

Nova Craft - The Lurking OctopusI think that it is absolutely fantastic that a company would hold this type of contest. You might remember a similar contest back in January by Nova Craft Canoe. They held a design contest for canoes which turned out to be coolest canoes I have ever seen. No word on if any will be going into production or not.

How long will it be before a sea kayak company does the same thing? Come P&H, I'm looking at you...

Until that happens, maybe sea kayak companies should develop custom prints that can be added to your boat when you order custom colours. In theory, it shouldn't be hard and the technology is already ready to go. Manufactures are already adding vinyl stickers to plastic boats and you can also imbed stickers under gel coat in fiberglass models which provide permanent adhesion.

I have already talked about my dream boat before. Solid flat-black boat (deck/hull) with bright flames on the front 1/3 of the boat. That is a design I can stand behind.

Come on P&H; get that ninja boat out to market stat!

More info: www.core77.com/wavesport2009/

David Johnston

David Johnston

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