Canoe Coach Drowns During Lesson

Sunday, 24 May 2009

Last Friday Singapore canoe coach, Chua Ee Tuck drowned while working with secondary school students on the MacRitchie Reservoir.

Details are very sketchy how this tragedy happened but according to police were called and by the time they arrived Chua Ee Tuck had already stopped breathing. Paramedics pronounced him dead at the scene.

About 50 students from the National Junior College canoeing team, including some who had already graduated, attended the wake yesterday. Mr Chua had been coaching the team since last year.

One student, who declined to be named said, "We're going to miss him. He was very patient, and like a friendly buddy to us."

Chua Ee Tuck was a member and coach with the Singapore Canoe Federation and worked with the National Junior College canoeing team. He was also a respected canoe marathon paddler. Back in January of this year, he placed 5th in his category at the Singapore Canoe Marathon [pdf].

Tuck was also active in promoting awareness of diabetes. He recently paddled around Singapore with raise awareness with a dragon boat team and wrote an article about it here (scroll down to page 7 in the pdf). Here is a link to an ad for the event. It is a direct image link which is safe but the website it is sitting on will give you a virus if you navigate through it withough good virus protection.

At the wake yesterday, his mother, Madam Choong Kam Choo, 64 said "He was such a good son, and he was always responsible. If he wasn't coming home for dinner, he would SMS me ahead of time. Whenever I fell sick, he would take care of me".

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