New Valley Sea Kayak Website Almost Goes Live. Wait, is that a Rockpool Kayak there?

Wednesday, 04 November 2009
Valley Sea Kayak LogoAs some of you already know, Valley Sea Kayaks has been suffering some major website woes over the past short while. The site went dark about a month ago with no official explanation or what happened or when it will be back. Since then they have been working like mad to redesign the site and get things up and running again.

Valley Sea Kayak Website

The new site was supposed to go live today but as you can see by the screen capture below that they still need a few more days to get the cobwebs out.

The capture also gives a sneak peek of what the new site will be like along with a cool looking new company logo. But look carefully at the live site, is that a Rockpool Kayak in the photo all front and centre? It can’t be....can it? It sure looks like the Rockpool Starfish.

Rockpool Kayak on the Valley Sea Kayak Website...

Of course it isn’t uncommon to have other manufactures in photos on sites but I find it weird that this got posted considering it’s such a high profile location on a brand new website. My guess is that it was just a placeholder photo while the designers were working on the layout so we will need to wait and see what finally rolls out soon.

Special thanks to @bryanhansel for the keen eyes...
Update: Also thanks to @solentseakayak for noticing first and passing it along to @bryanhansel...

David Johnston

David Johnston

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