Skim Kayaks Sinks – [Bad Economy]

Friday, 11 December 2009
Skim Kayaks

René Seindal broke the sad news earlier this week that Skim Kayaks have decided to close up shop (at least for the time being).

Here is the note posted on Skim’s website:
[blockquote]Skim Kayaks LogoWe started Skim Kayaks in 2002 with the ambition to create sea kayaks that we couldn’t find on the market, kayaks we believed other paddlers were missing too. Our goal was to, as environment friendly as possible, locally produce kayaks with characteristics and details that would make it safer and more fun to kayak in all conditions, all year round. Kayaks that we felt that we could develop in as paddlers.

Seven years and a lot of Skim kayaks later we are happy, and a bit proud, to have reached the goals we once set. The only thing that hasn’t really reached all the way is the economics. It’s hard to make a living from building kayaks the way we intended to. That’s why we have decided to take a break and think about how we can build the boats we want to build in a way that doesn’t interfere with things that we believe are important.

So from now on you can’t order a Skim kayak. But while we think about what to do with the boats we have and the ones we want to build in the future, we would like to wish you all happy paddling!

See you on the water.

Göran Pehrson & Anders Nyström
Founders of Skim Kayaks[/blockquote]
It’s too bad that they fell victim to the bad economic times we are stuck in. They built really good looking boats (I loved their racing stripes) and from what I have read, they performed well on the water also. Their attention to detail was really obvious when you look at the upclose photo gallery that is still available on their site.

It’s sad to see them go.

More info: Skim Kayaks or René Seindal's Blog

David Johnston

David Johnston

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