Adventure Kayak Magazine - 10 Years Young

Friday, 12 February 2010
Adventure Kayak Magazine CoverCongratulations are in order for Adventure Kayak magazine who is celebrating it’s 10 year anniversary.

It’s been fun watching Adventure Kayak grow up over the years. I have always enjoyed reading it and found that it is often a nice breath of unpretentious fresh air compared to some other paddling magazines out there.

The one part of the magazine that I always enjoy reading is the “Rock the Boat” section. For each issue, the editors invite a guest to rant editorialize a controversial issue or viewpoint. Nothing has been safe over the years and authors have made fun of things that we hold near and dear including our love for certification, Greenland paddlers who take life and rolling way to seriously or the fact that the difference between a paddling trip and an expedition is just marketing. To be honest, I often don’t agree with the viewpoint of the author but it’s always fun to read and chuckle at myself.

Adventure Kayak recently expanded their presence from print to the web when they rolled out a social networking site specifically for sea kayaking. At you can find galleries, forums, online backissues and a tremendous blog written by AK editor, Tim Shuff.

On top of being an avid reader of their magazine, I’m proud to have been working with them for the past 6-7 years as their web designer. Working with Rapid Media brings together my love of computers, boats and the outdoor industry.

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David Johnston

David Johnston

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