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Wednesday, 24 February 2010
Kokatat LogoKokatat Factory Tour - The Cutting Floor

If you have ever wondered what it is like to work at the Kokatat drysuit nursery (the land where all good paddling clothing comes from), then you will be happy to know that Freya Hoffmeister recently took a tour of the factory and has graciously shared the photos.

The one very interesting photo in the collection is showing Freya’s drysuit getting pressure tested for leaks. The process involves sealing up the wrists and neck with clamps then pressure filling the suit with water. Even the smallest pinhole leak will show up fairly quickly allowing them to apply a quick patch once it’s dry. Once that is done the suit is as good as new again.

Kokatat Factory Tour - Pressure Testing

The reason why this photo is interesting to me is because it is one of the steps in the manufacturing process that Kokatat is careful not to show off to its competitors. That makes sense as it’s a proven system that they have developed themselves over the years. My guess is that it was carefully shot not to give too many of its secrets away.

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Photo Credit: Freya Hoffmeister

David Johnston

David Johnston

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