Folbot Announces Custom Printed Kayak Designs

Tuesday, 09 November 2010

Folbot Custom Kayaks

Are you the type of person who wants a kayak that is truly original? Folding kayak manufacturer, Folbot has just announced that they are now offering custom printed kayaks. All you need to do is provide them with a photo and they will handle to rest.

To learn more about the program I contacted David AvRutick, President of Folbot.

“It’s a pretty simple process.” said AvRutick, “Just send us your photo or design and our graphics people will position it on an image of the kayak. The mock-up is sent back to the customer for comments or approval. Once the design is approved, we put the kayak into production.”

Folbot Custom Design - NY Transit System

The process of printing on the urethane coated polyster skin is pretty technical. In layman’s terms, it’s a variation on a printing technique called dye sublimation. The ink is converted into a gas and is infused into the deck material. The result is an image that will never peel off, scrape off or fade off – it actually becomes the deck.

Right now they are only offering the custom process on their Citibot model but they will be rolling out custom printing to their other models shortly.

At $150 extra; the price for a custom print job isn’t very expensive and they offer discounts if you are ordering a fleet of custom boats.

Their website does have a note on it that says they have the right to refuse offensive or inappropriate photos including copyrighted works so sadly that knocks out the chances of Playboy rolling out their own line of custom kayaks.

That being said, if anybody is interested, I’m willing to provide a quality headshot of myself to anybody who wants to print it on the front deck. Please note that it will cost you $32.50 if you want a topless photo.

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