Crappy Gift With Purchase

Friday, 22 December 2006

I saw this posted on the SNEWS forum. Wasn't sure if you saw it or not.

A retailer friend of ours called to tell us that he just had a somewhat funny, bizzare and altogether disgusting experience. Seems a Confluence Watersports contract driver, delivering a load of boats after hours to this retailer, decided he needed to leave an extra Christmas bonus…a stack of boats to one side of the parking lot, along with a pile of personal crap together with requisite toilet paper scraps. Our intrepid retail owner, being a team guy and not willing to shun crappy duty by passing it off to an employee, donned latex gloves and a gathered a load of clean up materials to have the little gift packaged away and flushed before the store opened. The SNEWS team nearly split a gut laughing upon hearing this tale. Though certainly unique and memorable, we are quite sure that this is not a great way to win the hearts and minds of retailers around the country and trust this particular contract driver will be hearing from his bosses after they hear, no doubt, from a very upset Confluence management team.

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Who does that? This officially ends my bodily functions series of posts.

David Johnston

David Johnston

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