Throughout the summer from Maine for Florida, scientists can't explain why tides at some location have been higher then predicted by as much as two feet.The change has come too fast to be attributed to melting ice sheets or anything quite that dramatic, and it’s a puzzle for scientists who’ve never seen anything quite like it.
Take a look at this fantastic photo the ice break-up on Lake Superior from the NOAA. Click on the image for a larger version of it.Taken on March 3rd, it clearly shows almost all of Lake Superior frozen over. The NOAA feels that unless they get more arctic air, this will probably be the peak ice coverage for 2009 as winds and waves will start breaking everything up fairly quickly.
If you live or use Utah's rivers for recreation then head over to Recreation Law blog. Long time readers of the instructors blog will remember me talking about his fantastic site filled with great legal resources for the outdoor industry.Today, James talks about how the legislature of Utah is considering bill HB 187 which will limit access to rivers for boaters and fisherman who want to walk, swim and float in the water.The crazy thing about the bill is that it takes away access to all but 14 rivers in Utah and imposes limits on the 14.If you want to learn more about the bill, visit the Utah Water Guardians and sign the online petition.
Incomming letter from Becky Mason (and with some possible good news): Hi All, If you can, please take 30 seconds to write the time saving pre-written letter from the Sierra Club Canada website link: http://org2.democracyinaction.org/o/5654/t/3791/campaign.jsp?campaign_KEY=1092 I've heard that our letters have triggered a hearing on the Navigable Waters Protection Act this coming Monday night (February 23rd)! I've been informed that Ecojustice has been invited to present at the hearing. This is incredible news! In a nutshell we are asking that amendments to the Navigable Waters Protection Act (NWPA) that are contained in Part 7 of the budget Implementation Act be removed. The NWPA has inefficiencies but eliminating it in this way is not acceptable. We need you to write now! It doesn't matter how many other letters you've already written lets make history in letter writing before Monday evening and make a difference.
As a kayaker, I can be fairly safe to say that I take water for granted. I can easily paddle all day without thinking anything about it. Same goes at home. Recently in our building's hot water was broken. Everybody was in a panic! Where were we to get hot water? What were we to do? The problem was fixed and a couple of hours later, we could jump in the shower and not think about it again.I will also be honest, up until today, it never really occurred to me that over 1 billion people don't have access to safe, clean drinking water.A billion people?! Holy stink that is a lot of people. That's 1 in six people drinking dirty, bacteria filled water. A billion people people!Surfing around today, I stumbled upon a really fantastic looking project called Charity:Water. Charity:Water funds a range of water projects including hand-dug wells, deep wells (boreholes), rehabilitations, spring protections, rainwater harvesting schemes, and biosand filters throughout the world.They recently put together a fantastic promotional video outlining what they do. Beck fans will also enjoy the donated song, "Time Bomb".
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