ALERT NWPA Amendments Introduced Today
Saturday, 07 February 2009

This is an incomming from the Canadian Rivers Network. Canadian paddlers, you must act now to save our rivers.URGENT ALERTFriday February 6, 2009GOVERNMENT INTRODUCED NWPA AND OTHER CHANGES TODAY UNDER ITS BUDGET IMPLEMENTATION ACTUnder the guise of the 2009 Budget Implementation Act, the federal government has introduced amendments to the Navigable Waters Protection Act (NWPA) that will have serious negative impacts on both the acient public right of navigation in Canada and on the environment.The NWPA mandates that, if someone wants to build something in, on, around, under, or over a navigable waterway, an assessment of the impacts on navigation and an environmental assessment need to be done first.The NWPA was originally enacted in 1882. It is one of Canada's oldest pieces of legislation, and there is no doubt that it needs to be modernized-however, in the name of "cutting red tape" to speed up the building of infrastructure projects and stimulate the economy, the government is introducing changes that will remove navigable status from thousands of waterways in Canada.These changes were recommended by a committee that did not consult Canada's paddling community, the outdoor tourism industry, environmental groups, First Nations communities, anglers and hunters, or anyone who accesses Canadian waterways for business or recreation.The heritage right of navigation predates confederation, and Canadians consistently rank the environment as one of their top issues of concern. These changes to the NWPA are simply unacceptable.There is something you can do-raise your voice! Spread the word, and tell the government you care about Canada's waterways. For more information and how to take action, please see www.ispeakforrivers.ca._______________________________Canadian Rivers Networkwww.ispeakforcanadianrivers.ca
I just got an email this morning and wanted to post it as it is a SUPER important issue to all Canadians including anybody who visits Canada to do any paddling on our great rivers.Please help in anyway that you can as clearly it is an issue that is not getting any press in the mainstream media.***********************************************************************************************************Hello:This is a broadcast email from the Canadian Rivers Network.We remain concerned about the Harper government's intentions to gut the Navigable Waters Protection Act and exempt thousands of waters from the provisions of the act by calling them "minor waters" and by exempting "minor works" from the provisions of the act.Our position is:- there is no such thing as a minor water in Canada- there is no such thing as a minor work on a waterway in Canada- you cannot save the economy by gutting Canada's environmental laws
According to Wired Magazine, the largest waves in the Pacific Northwest are getting higher by seven centimetres a year but scientists don't have a clue why. Some researchers feel that this increase in wave height could end up doing more damage to properties then the impacts of rising sea levels causes by global warming.
A big congrats goes out to friend of the site, Tony Palmer of Undercurrents paddling shop. He was recently awarded the first ever Paddle Canada Alberta Environmental Super Hero Award.Tony has been quietly working away in the background for projects that benefit both Albertans and all of Canada.
Friend of the site, Tony Palmer of Undercurrents in Calgary sent me a really cool video from a piece on science show, Daily Planet. It shows the process of making artificial rivers out of natural rivers and highlights the river course on the Kananaskis River in Alberta.
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