The old growth forests of northern Ontario's Temagami region may fall victim to widespread clear-cutting if an Ontario government plan passes unchecked, say environmental and tourism groups.Yesterday the Ministry of Natural Resources released a draft forestry management plan for the next 10 years. In it, they could reduce the buffer zone around canoe routes and historical portage trails that make Temagami such a great place to paddle.
As reported a couple months ago, we looked at the issue surrounding the rewriting of the Navigable Waters Protection Act by Transport Canada. This is a very serious issue that affects all paddlers across Canada. Transport Canada would like to eliminate the developer's obligation to consider impacts on navigation when building dams, bridges, causeways and other invasive structures. The new law will ignore all whitewater rivers, all seasonal waterways and all vessels with less than a one-metre draft. This is a direct assault on Canada's tradition of river travel and the future health of our waterways by the same people who are supposed to protect both. It is a fundamental breach of public trust.
Remember a couple of weeks ago when we talked about an uproar between Ohio and Kentucky around a rock that was stolen from the Ohio River? You know, the 8-ton rock that was over on Kentucky's side of the river also known as the Indian Head Rock. The Bluegrass State is upset that the rock was removed...
A big congratulations goes out to the Florida based, non-profit group, ECO-Action for recently reaching a major milestone. They recently completed their 500th organized cleanup. Talk about dedication, for the past 12 years, been rounding up people to paddle around Central Florida's waterways in canoes picking up litter.

The Big Wild
Thursday, 24 April 2008

I recently received an email from Mountain Equipment Co-op with the really great. Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS) and Mountain Equipment Co-op partnered together to start thebigwild.org. The vision is keep at least half of Canada's public land and water wild forever. The website has a large education component explaining why it is important to keep large tracks of roadless, bridgeless land wild and free. They are also offering The Big Wild Challenge and encouraging people to dedicate their next wilderness trip (big or small) to protecting big wild spaces. More info: The Big Wild
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