Toronto Paddlefest Starts this Weekend

Friday, 13 June 2008
MEC Paddlefest
MEC Paddlefest - Photos: Kamil Bialous
This weekend is the Mountain Equipment Co-op hosted Paddlefest here in Toronto.

For those who haven't been there before, Paddlefest is an urban celebration of canoeing, kayaking, and dragon boating. It is similar to other symposiums out there in that there are more land and water clinics then you can shake a stick at but it is a touch different in that they have been working really hard to have clinics that really cater to beginner paddlers.

There are a lot of really cool opportunities to try out canoes, kayaks, dragonboats, outriggers, as well as racing shells.

Headline speakers this year include Bob Foote, Karen Wright, Michael Pardy, Dubside, Kevin Callen and Justine Curgenven. I'm pretty excited to finally meet some of these people in the flesh.

Earlier this week I got the final schedule for clinics emailed to me and my heart stopped when I realized that Dubside and I are teaching a Greenland paddling session. Then I realized that nobody was there to see me. I will be taking the roll of working beside the master chef cutting up carrots.

I'm also doing a little map and compass work as well as a forward stroke and boat control clinic which will be much more fun then the title leads it to be.

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David Johnston

David Johnston

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