Back-from-the-dead kayaker set to make huge money from a new book.

Thursday, 24 July 2008
John DarwinIf you were following the news back in December/January about the kayaker in the UK who faked his death then moved to Panama with his wife to collect the insurance money, then you might know that the trial just wrapped up this week. John's wife, Anne Darwin was found guilty of fraud and sentenced to 6 years in prison. John Darwin pleaded guilty back in March and was also sentenced to the same prison term.

Now, the press are reporting that John is planning to publish a book on how he faked his death and some people believe that he could pocket over a million pounds from the deal.

From the news article:
"King Con" Darwin hopes to land money-spinning book and film deals before the Government brings in laws banning convicts profiting from their crimes.

A senior police source said: "We can - and are attempting to - seize the proceeds of his criminal actions, but at the moment we can do nothing about anything he's planning in the future. It is more than a little galling."

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David Johnston

David Johnston

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