A Man of Many Records Attempts to Paddle the Farthest in 24 Hours

Thursday, 04 September 2008
Greg Kolodziejzyk's BoatCanadian  currently holds the record for the farthest distance a human has travelled under his own power. In 2006 he peddled 647 miles using a special bicycle on a race track in northern California.

Now he wants to hold the record to the farthest distance traveled in 24 hours on water. The current record holder is Carter John who traveled 242 km on April 29-30, 2006.

How is he going to break it you ask? He has a specially designed, carbon fiber pedal powered boat called Critical Power 2.

What day is this all taking place? Get stocked up on caffeinated drinks and mark September 7th off on your calendars to follow along live via his website.

For those working to put the pieces together, he is also the same guy who will be leaving soon to paddle across the Atlantic. He wants to go the entire 4500 km from the Canary Islands to Barbados in a specially designed human powered boat that he calls "WiTHiN" - in less than 40 days. You can read about that expedition.

A couple of little fun facts for your afternoon:

Kayak 24 hour records:

Date Rider Distance
1986 Randy Fine 193 km
1991 Marinda Hartzenbergt 220.5 km
2006 Brandon Nelsontt 235 km
2006 Carter Johnsontt 241.8 km

Pedal powered boat 24 hour records:
Date Rider Distance
2000 Kevin & Karin Hughest 90.25 km
2000 John Howard 168.43 km
2005 Team of 3 riders 176.8 km
2006 Greg Kolodziejzyk 173.76 km

His blog has some fantastic information on both the design of his boat and the extensive testing of his bodies energy output at various speeds. Below is a quick snippet of the energy output of peddle vs. paddle:

Conventional means of human power on water using kayaks, row boats, etc, have consistently demonstrated more efficiency than pedal/propeller powered boats over long durations like a 24 hour effort. If Greg is successful in breaking Carter Johnson's 242 km Guinness world record, this will be the first time that a pedal powered boat has demonstrated greater efficiency than a conventional kayak for distances longer than a few kilometers.

For distances shorter than a few kilometers, pedal/propeller powered boats have the edge over conventional paddled or rowed human powered boats. The rowing record for 2000 meters is 18.2 km / hr average speed. This compares to the pedal powered boat record for the same distance of 20 km / hr average speed. The current world record for the fastest human powered boat for the 100 meter sprint is 34.2 km / hr and is a pedal and propeller powered boat called Decavitator.

More info: www.adventuresofgreg.com

David Johnston

David Johnston

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