Georgian Bay Storm Gathering Update

Tuesday, 16 September 2008
Georgian Bay Storm Gathering LogoIt's coming closer. I'm sensing a storm...gathering on the horizon! (That took me all morning to think up)

A month away tomorrow and things re really starting coming together now.

Tim Dyer took a trip over to Snug Haven Resort (where the event is taking place) today on a bit of a scouting mission to check out the facilities and he was super impressed.

Here is a snippet of the email he just sent me, "Just got back from checking out Snug Haven. It is friggin amazing. Great cabins, huge rec room with hot tub, fireplace, pool table and the view to the outer bay is to die for."

The response to the event has been much higher then we expected and it looks like we will have around 30ish people attending. There are still a few spots left; so if you were thinking of going but haven't got around to signing up, you had better do it soon or you will be left out in the cold crying.

We are in the final stages of sorting out a schedule. We have a draft one posted here but we are massaging it a bit tying to find time for (what is to be) an annual wave judo throw competition.

For those who haven't heard of the Georgian Bay Storm Gathering before, it is an event for intermediate paddlers seeking one last weekend paddling on the Bay before winter sets in.

After reading that there is a hut tub, I'm going to try a who-can-sit-in-the-hot-tub-the-longest-with-a-dry-suit-on" competition. Any takers?

For more information including registration details, check out

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David Johnston

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