Another Storm Gathering Report from our friends at White Squall

Thursday, 30 October 2008
Georgian Bay Storm GatheringTim Dyer, my co-host for the event from White Squall write-up a small piece about the Gathering for his email newsletter. Here is a copy of it below.

Special thanks Ian Peters, Sue Vokey and Rob Dale for the great number of photos they allowed to be posted on the new Gathering photo gallery.

We had a grand gathering of stormy paddlers this past weekend at Snug Haven Resort on Georgian Bay.   A joint project of the Squall and, it was an experiment we've been looking forward to all year.  Imagine 35 overly keen, drysuited kayakers coming together for three days of mayhem.  Well....the Bay was pretty lame Friday and Saturday, so we pretended a lot with rescues, towing, seal launching off the Snug Harbour dock and paddling back to lounge in the hot tub with beer.  As Sunday dawned, our paddling prayers were answered as we woke to warm, wild southwesterly winds.

We headed out to the Snake Island Group and gathered on the lee side to regroup and gird our loins (by the way, just how do you gird a loin anyway?) Whatever, none of us were quite properly girded for the crashing surf and boomers that greeted us as we rounded the corner.  I can safely say the Bay gave us all a proper thrashing and lesson in who's the boss.  It was a picture perfect ending to the weekend and we said goodbye with big grins on our faces.  Already people were signing up for next year, so I guess we better do it again. Check out for pictures.

Photo credit: Rob Dale.
David Johnston

David Johnston

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