Has the World Gone Mad? Olympic Torch Carried by Skateboarders, Surfers and Kayakers.

Monday, 02 November 2009
Surfer Raph Bruhwiler, right, lights his Olympic Torch from Ruth Sadler while surfing with the flame along the shores of Pacific Rim National Park outside Tofino, British Columbia, on Sunday. Photo Credit: Andy Clark/Reuters

The 2010 Vancouver Olympics are coming soon and the traditional Olympic torch relay is currently going on. This time, the organizers of the event are focusing on alternative transportation and the different methods of transportation have been unique indeed.

Yesterday the Olympic torch was carried on surf board up in Tofino, BC for the first time ever by Raph Bruhwiler. It’s also been carried on a mountain bike, skateboard, canoe, wheelchair and a float plane. It was also recently carried by van when police had to get around some protesters doing what they do best, protesting stuff.

Keep an eye on day 11 of the relay (November 9, 2009) when the torch passes through Iqaluit, Nunavut. There it will be paddled in a traditional skin-on-frame kayak along the shoreline by Kyle St. Laurent, a long-time member and assistant coach with the Nunavut Speed Skating Association.

According to the official route map, the kayak leg of is about a kilometre long and starts at around 5:30EST.

Olympic Torch Relay Map

Surfing Photo Credit: Andy Clark/Reuters

David Johnston

David Johnston

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