Get Time off Work for these Fall Paddling Events [or call in sick...cough]

Friday, 17 August 2012

Did you know it’s the middle of August? I sure didn’t. That means that for most people, the paddling season is 90% over. Booo. Just because Labour Day is coming soon, that doesn’t mean you need to hang up your lifejacket for the season. There is a large pile of events taking place throughout the fall to keep your braining tricked into thinking its still summer.

Here are a couple highlights to start planning for in September and October:

Ontario Greenland Camp
If you are a skinny stick paddler you need to make room in your extensive social calendar to attend the Ontario Greenland Camp September 7-9 in Bracebridge, Ontario.

The line-up of mentors and instructors looks really solid with Cheri Perry, Turner Wilson, Dubside as the big names. Tom Froese and Jill Ellis are both coming to teach the paddle making workshops.

More info:


Gales Storm Gathering
The Great Lakes is going to host to two fantastic rough water paddling events this season so book your work vacation days now. The Gales Strom Gathering takes place in Wawa, Ontario over the October 5th weekend. The event is going to feature a collection of fantastic instructors from around the world including Andy Stamp, Nick Cunliffe, Shawna Franklin & Leon Somme and Christopher Lockyer. That doesn’t include the crazy gang of local instructors who have last names like Wikle, Rushton, Crowley, Fairty, Blades and Bloyd-Peshkin. With so many people having so much fun, you need to be there.

The other cool thing with this event is that for the 6 days leading up to the Gales there is going to be a large collection of advanced instruction with courses from the British Canoe Union, American Canoe Association and Paddle Canada. It’s going to be a smack down of instructor nerds fighting for your love.

Check out the website with all the course and event details at


Georgian Bay Storm Gathering
The very next weekend after the Gales Storm Gathering is my event which takes place in Parry Sound, Ontario on October 11-14.

The Georgian Bay Storm Gathering is for intermediate paddlers who are looking for one good last kick at the can for some rough water paddling on Georgian Bay before winter sets in.

It’s a bit of a different weekend where we encourage people to come with their bucket list of things they always wanted to do but just haven’t got around to giving it a try. Want to work on your rough water rescues? What about surfing? Always dreamed of getting thrown off a high dock in your boat? This is the weekend to get ‘er done.

We got a pile of top quality instructors coming from across Canada and the US including Gary Doran, Kelly Blades, Erik Ogaard and Ray Boucher (that guys wicked awesome).

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Lumpy Waters Symposium
If you find yourself in Pacific City, Oregon over the weekend of October 19th and looking for something to do, make your way to the Lumpy Waters Symposium. It’s a fantastic event for people interested in rough water instruction and tomfoolery.

The list of top-quality instructors is massive and includes Danny Mongo, Paul Kuthe, Steve and Cindy Scherrer, Sean Morley, Rob Avery and Christopher Lockyer (didn’t we see him at the Gales?).

It’s a key fall event for west coast paddlers so get yourself registered pronto.

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Photo credit: Malcolm Taliano

David Johnston

David Johnston

David Johnston has been introducing people to the sport of sea kayaking for the past 15 years. He is a senior instructor trainer with Paddle Canada and teaches for several paddling schools in Ontario, Canada. Full Bio.

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