Prince Andrew's Canoe Trip

Thursday, 26 July 2007
Prince Andrew
Prince Andrew visits the Canadian Canoe Museum in November 2007.
Photo Credit: Canadian Canoe Museum
News has leaked out that Prince Andrew (The Duke of York) was recently in Canada on a canoe trip with 3 of his private school buddies. He paddled the Natla and Keele Rivers in the North West Territories. It was kept all hush for security reasons but it took place sometime between June 23 and July 8.

The news came out in a article because he and his paddling gang ate dinner at Carolyn and Warren Wright's home on the last night of the trip. She served them roasted pork loin and chicken potpie complete with salad and homemade desserts.

The Prince has been a paddler for a long time. He developed an interest in the sport when he attended Lakefield College School near Peterborough, Ont. He had attended the private preparatory school on an exchange program for two terms in 1977.

He during his stay in Canada the city of Lakefield gave him a canoe when he was 17. Back in November, he loaned that canoe along with two others back to the Canadian Canoe Museum for display.

I forgot to mention, he is also the museum's Royal Patron. For a while, he was the Royal Patron for Paddle Canada. That was sometime in the late 80's I believe.

David Johnston

David Johnston

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