We made it accross Lake Ontario!

Sunday, 29 July 2007
Sean taking a quick break. Photo credit: Liz Burnside.
After 10 hours, we made it to the other side of the lake. As you might have read the announcement a couple of days ago, yesterday we attempted to cross Lake Ontario from Toronto to St. Catharines.

The total distance was 54km which was a nice haul. The weather conditions were perfect with a slight tailwind for the first half of the trip. The last half of the trip, the wind completely died resulting in a mirror surface.

I figure that we could have cut off several hours we had cut back on the length of the breaks. We took our time chatting and living in the moment. We were in no rush and how often do you get to take a swim in the middle of the lake 25 km from any shore? We weren't going to pass that up!

It was foggy almost the entire day so it was weird being out of sight of land in all directions for 8 of the 10 hours. Learned to depend on the deck compass quite quickly.

Here is a photo of Sean taking a quick dip.

What's next? Not sure. We are looking towards maybe a 70km crossing. We have a route in mind but it will probably be next spring. We have some serious training to do for that! Fall is coming and that will bring the good surf so we are going to enjoy staying close to shore from now on...

Here was our route in Google Earth: kmz Lake Ontario Crossing

Update: Forgot to mention the crazy stuff we saw out there. It seems that the center of Lake Ontario is a vortex of birthday baloons as we found two of them along the way.

You might ask did you see any wildlife out there? Not much, just a few birds and such but we did see a dead floating pig! It looked like it had been floating for several days. Wouldn't want to hit that with a powerboat. We had to paddle hard for 500-600 feet to get away from the smell...
David Johnston

David Johnston

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