Video History of the LED Light

Thursday, 08 January 2009
LEDsLet's get really geeky for the next 5 min. If you have ever wondered how those little lights in your headlamp work but have been too scared to ask? I have the answer for you. Lighting your way back to your tent are probably LEDs or Light Emitting Diodes. They take hardly any energy to run and last forever so you find them in almost all the headlamps on the market today.

Watch Collin Cunningham's fantastic video on the history of LEDs. Collin helps to run the MAKE blog which is an awesome website on how to make stuff. Great for the tinkerer or yourself.

After watching the video you can talk about how LEDs work without facing the mockery that would be thrown your way if you tried to explain why the tone of a race cars engine sound drops the second it passes you.  You know, vaaaaaroooommmmmm.... (Bonus points if you know it by posting below)

MAKE presents: The LED from make magazine on Vimeo.

David Johnston

David Johnston

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