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Friday, 13 July 2007
Silver Polar Year Coin The Royal Canadian Mint has just released a new limited edition $20 coin with an Inuit kayaker on it.

Here is the press release:

Two striking $20 sterling silver coins are being issued to mark Canada's recognition of the 125th anniversary of the first International Polar Year, when the first of several coordinated multinational research expeditions to the Arctic and Antarctic were launched. The coins, designed by Ontario artist Laurie McGaw, prominently feature Sir Martin Frobisher who, in 1576, was the first to attempt to discover the Northwest Passage aboard the Gabriel. A ship appears alongside a 16th century compass and an Inuit paddling a traditional kayak.

7,000 of these coins are being issued with the reverse finished in stunning metallic blue hues, achieved through a unique, leading edge plasma effect. The RCM is the first Mint in the world to produce this jewel-like finish on a coin, by virtue of a proprietary coating which can produce different colours by varying its thickness. The blue effect was chosen to evoke the cold climate of both poles. Thanks to the efforts of the RCM's R&D team, the RCM continues to be a world leader in its field.

Suggested retail for the plasma effect coin is $249.95 CDN. Another 15,000 coins are offered in a proof finish and retail for a suggested $64.95 CDN.

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David Johnston

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