Navigable Waters Protection Act Dead in the Water?

Thursday, 12 March 2009
I Speak for Canadian Rivers LogoI saw this posted on twitter today:

@krystynt: it's looking like the Senate may cancel its plans to review the navigation amendments and pass budget today.

I haven't see anything official yet but if is true then it looks like the protests to remove the amendments to the Navigable Waters Protection Act (NWPA) from the budget didn't work.

Later she posted:

@LOWwaterkeeper as far as i can tell, committee returned budget to senate for approval. not sure what this means for consultations. sorry :(

Though, the Liberals say they are pleased that they got a provision in to force the Government to review the amendment and report back in 5 years. The problem is that any major projects already submitted between now and the next 5 years wouldn't be affected if they decide to reverse the amendment. So over the next 5 years expect a gold rush of development project submitting proposals just to get a foot in the door.

I have two major disappointments with how everything went down. The first being that these changes were all approved a year ago, long before the economy collapsed yet the Conservative Government used the economy as the reason why they needed to be updated and rushed through parliament.

The other disappointment are the letters of response that I received from our elected officials around the issue. I'm not sure who was writing the response letters but several were completely unreadable with grammar and spelling mistakes. I got two letters from two different MP's from the same party that just cut and pasted the party communication points verbatim into the letter. It's just made it very clear to me that the whole thing was a non-issue to anybody outside of the boating/fishing/outdoor world.

David Johnston

David Johnston

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