Paddling Raft-Up: Dugout canoes, surf spots going under and GWB allows Navy to mess up the whales

Thursday, 17 January 2008
We haven't had a paddling raft-up for quite a while so I thought we would check in to see what is going on out there.

Modern-day Tom Sawyer constructs a dugout canoe
Lee Young from Fort McCoy, Florida is building his own dug out canoe. Things were going well until somebody decided to try to steal the 600 pound piece of wood.

Kayaker's quest: First solo paddle around island
Ken Campbell - Photo: Dred Perine/The News Tribune File
Ken Campbell - Photo: Dred Perine/The News Tribune File
Ken Campbell is leaving tomorrow for a solo trip around Vancouver Island. What's unique about this is that he believes this will be the first time somebody has done it solo in the Winter.

He is planning 9 weeks to do the trip but feels he will be able to complete it in 7.

From his starting point in Bellingham, Campbell will head north into the Strait of Georgia, traveling around the island counterclockwise.

"I'm doing that for a couple of different reasons," he said. "You get in better shape on the trip. Although I'm in shape, I've been home eating the turkey at Thanksgiving and things like that. Also, I know the weather is going to be worse on the (west side of the island), so the later I'm there, the better. As bad as it may be in February and March, it would be worse in January."

"As far as I know, it hasn't been done before. Until something is done, you don't know if it is possible," he said.

Groups seek to save surf sites
Over in Maui, opposition is heating up over a proposed harbour expansion. Local surfing association are worried that the planned dredging would eliminate or affect 5 different surfing sites in the area.

The Surfrider Foundation and Save Kahului Harbor said they plan to make their opposition known at a meeting of Gov. Linda Lingle's Maui County advisory committee at 5 p.m. today at the Cameron Center in Wailuku.

Karen Chun, representing Save Kahului Harbor, said many youths from low-income residential areas use the harbor surfing breaks and that the plan would leave them with no alternative since they lack transportation.

Chun said the elimination of the surfing sites would take away opportunities for canoe paddlers to practice riding the surf in preparation for ocean crossings.

The shallow reef in the harbor has been documented as a popular surfing area since the mid-1800s, according to the draft.

Bush Exempts Navy From Court Order Limiting Harm To Whales In Sonar Exercises
Lets open up the, "What are they thinking?" folder for today.

The National Resources Defense Council (NRDC) said it will appeal an unprecedented waiver issued by President Bush Wednesday that overrides a federal court order requiring the U.S. Navy to minimize harm to whales and dolphins during sonar exercises off Southern California.

"This is not a national security issue. The Navy doesn't need to harm whales to train effectively with sonar. It simply chooses to for the sake of convenience," said Joel Reynolds, director of the Marine Mammal Protection Project at NRDC, which obtained the injunction against the Navy.

David Johnston

David Johnston

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