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Wednesday, 26 August 2009
Over the past couple of days, there have been quite a few things going on out there in paddling land so here is a quick round-up to bring everybody up to speed.

Online Boat Review: Maelström's Vaag 174
Maelstromkayak Vaag 174 - Image Credit: Canadian CkayakerMichael over at Canadian CKayaker made me very jealous this week when he recently posted a great review with some really good close-up photos of the Vaag 174 by Maelstrom Kayaks.

Maelstrom is a new up and coming kayak company based out of Quebec, Canada. They are unique in that they are only going after the high-end kayak market. You might remember the news recently their partnership with Boreal Designs to handle their manufacturing and distribution.

Image credit: Canadian CKayaker

New DVD: Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown
Simon Willis announced today that they have a release day of November 1st, 2009 for the new skills DVD that accompanies the awesome book, Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown. I’m really looking forward to seeing it when it’s released. Also, if you haven’t had a chance to pick up the book, do it, it’s fantastic.

Green Canoes and Kayaks
Mad River Canoe - Malecite ECOMad River Canoe recently decided to release a prototype canoe that they wanted to be as “green” as possible. It's called the Malecite ECO.

It’s made from several layers of hemp fabric with a non-green layer of fibreglass to make it stronger. It also has low volatile organic chemical corn-based clear coat to seal everything up.

Sadly the boat isn’t for sale and purely just a concept boat. Also, I don’t know how green the boat really with the fibreglass built in is but the ash gunwales, beech wood decks and cane seat panels are a very nice touch.

If you were looking for a greener kayak, talk to Lawrence Toms and Lez Paylor from Wales. They built a kayak back in July made completely from paper. To keep the water out, they covered the paper with Envirez which is a nautical grade resin made from soya beans. Oh yeah, did I mention that the paper is made from sheep poo? Yep, Sheep Poo Paper.

Slim-Jim Insides
Slim Jim Meat SticksAre you one of those who have a craving for Slim-Jim’s while out camping? Admit it, I know you do. Ever wonder what they are made from? Wired Magazine has a good breakdown of all those long words that can neither be sounded out or spelt properly.

Boat Transportation Fail
I know that tying down boats to the top of your car can be challenging but lets not use this guy as a good example how to get it done.

Boat Transportation Fail

Image Credit:

Aluminium Water Bottles Might be as Safe as You Think
SIGG Bottle - The JokerRemember back 2 years ago when everybody was throwing out their plastic water bottles because they were found to have BPA leaching into the water? Remember how awesome everybody felt to fill the landfills for the safer option, aluminium?

Well, SNEWS posted an interesting article this week about how aluminium water bottle maker SIGG knew the epoxy liner inside bottles also contained BPA. For their credit, they did adjust the type of coating they use back in Fall of 2008 but people are just waking up to the fact that the vast majority of cheaper aluminium bottles coming from China contain clear epoxy liners that are NOT BPA free and thus probably not safer to the lexan water bottle you threw out.

You can read SIGG's CEO response to the whole issue here.

Now we are now officially running out of water bottle options and I figure we will be all drinking out of our hands in 6 months time...

Update: Here is a good primer to find out if your aluminium bottle is BPA free or not.

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