Work is boring so here is tease of 12 people having way more fun outside then you are sitting inside.   1) This guy surfing in the waves. cc licensed ( BY NC ) flickr photo shared by UK Ministry of Defence
This is why you don’t want to be on the water while a thunderstorm is rolling through. Below is a sequence of three, 30-second exposure photos taken over a course of three minutes during a thunderstorm in Chicago, summer of 2011. Pay close attention to the time stamps below. In the first photo, notice the police boat (the blue line on the water) moving on the water. In photo two they make the decision to turn around and go back. Flip to photo three and see what happened to the storm only two minutes later. Probably the best decision the captain of that boat ever made.
Two quick camping tips: If you are planning on going camping this weekend only to discover there is a fire ban, remember that some areas are even worse so don’t get too upset. Also, don’t piss off your camping neighbour next door and they might do you a favour when the rangers come by. Photo credit: and  
Take a look at this crazy photo (shot by Andy Barrow) that my friend, Liz Burnside found while searching through Flickr for Toronto kayaking photos. She sent it my way and I did a double take when I realized that was a photo of me out paddling during a winter storm last January. I’m not sure where my friends Erik and Rob are but quite likely right in the middle of that mess. Click on the image above for zoomed in version of it. For those who might be interested, I was testing out a new Greenland blade from Adanac Paddles that day which is part of a long-term gear review of which should be finished up shortly. Spoiler alert: the paddle worked out great. This photo was taken here right up against the north wall of the Island airport in the Western Gap of Toronto. Here is also a collection of photos that I took that cold day in January. My photos are not near as big looking as I was way too scared at the time to reach for my camera. Top Photo credit: Andy Barrow
These tubers from 1953 were all members of the Seattle Tubing Society. Clearly they knew how to have a good time and look stylish even on the water. I love the guy with the top hat way in the back. From the 3.2 minutes of research I did on this photo it's the Sammamish Slough floating down to Lake Washington in Seattle. Professional photographer, Burt Glinn (who died in 2008) shot the photo along with several others here. Photo credit:
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