Necky Introduces a Woman Specific Kayak

Thursday, 22 June 2006

Necky Eliza


Ferndale, Wash - Necky Kayaks, a leader in the design and development of performance kayaks, today introduced their latest innovation, the Eliza.  Necky’s first sea kayak designed specifically for the petite to medium framed female, the 49-pound Eliza is one of the lightest polyethylene boats in the day-touring category and offers women a sleek, responsive boat with a superior ergonomic fit.

Named for one of the isles in the famed San Juan Islands, the fifteen-foot long Eliza is ideal for day tripping and suited for female paddlers of all skill levels.  The chine and rocker profiles, combined with the Eliza’s slight V-shaped hull, create a balance of stability, tracking, maneuverability and reduced drag that will help smaller paddlers achieve a comfortable touring pace on the water.  Add to that a lower deck profile and compact, women’s specific cockpit design and the result is a kayak that provides optimal control for the female paddler.

"First and foremost, the Eliza is a kayak designed by women, for women," said Sara Knies, Director of Marketing for Necky Kayaks.  "Female paddlers told us they wanted a performance kayak that worked with their body shape while being comfortable, lightweight and easy to paddle.  The Eliza delivers on all these expectations though its innovative design, premium features and superior fit."

The polyethylene Eliza is rudder-equipped for superior tracking, yet performs equally well with the rudder retracted.  Its primary stability will reassure the novice to intermediate boater and advanced paddlers will appreciate the Eliza’s maneuverability on edge. 

The deck of the Eliza is designed to shed water and minimize windage, while allowing better stroke clearance for women with narrower shoulders.  Sealed bulkheads and two neoprene hatches with cross-strapped covers are easy for smaller hands to open and close.  Finally, the Eliza features an ergonomically contoured Necky seat, supportive back band and sensible outfitting designed to help women paddle farther, in comfort, and with less effort.

The Eliza is also available in a composite model.  Advanced female paddlers will appreciate how the low profile and cockpit dimensions of the composite Eliza allow flexibility for rolling, bracing, surfing and spirited paddling.   At thirty pounds, it’s one of the lightest production kayaks in the world, both easy to load on your car and a joy to paddle.  The composite Eliza is narrower than the poly version and is outfitted with a skeg rather than a rudder.  Other key features include leak-proof Valley hatches, Necky touring seat, back band and adjustable thigh braces.

Necky’s new Eliza kayak will be available through specialty boating retailers and outfitters nationwide beginning July 1, 2006.   Of special note, Necky will expand upon a successful program launched by sister-brand Ocean Kayak through donating one percent of the Eliza’s gross sales to the Breast Cancer Fund in the fight the against the disease.

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David Johnston

David Johnston

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