Kokatat Sponsors Exploratory Expedition To Save The Kimberley

Monday, 03 March 2008
Kokatat LogoArcata, CA - On March 4th 2008, Kokatat ambassador Tanya Faux, Australia's world champion whitewater kayaker, will lead a team into the Kimberley to explore the uncharted water of the Moran and Mitchell Rivers. History shows that no river flowing from the Kimberley into the Indian Ocean has ever been paddled.

Tanya and her team will spend 24 days in the wild Kimberley exploring the environment and experiencing the historical and indigenous heritage elements of significance of the region, as well as using footage and website coverage of the expedition to promote the 'Save the Kimberley' campaign (www.savethekimberley.com).

The exquisite Kimberley Ranges in Western Australia are one of five places in the world that are considered truly wild. It is a land teeming with indigenous spirit and rock art, and is home to some of Australia's greatest waterfalls and whitewater rapids.

Recently there has been much political interest in the Kimberley. Peter Garrett, Federal Minister for the Environment, released a statement for a 'Big Picture Study of Australia's Kimberley'. The Kimberley holds massive reserves of oil and liquefied natural gas, and is very vulnerable to increasing domestic and international pressure on it for industrial development.

"We hope to share the magical magnitude of the Kimberley with fellow Australians and the world." Say's Tanya Faux. "Many people do not know this land exists and we have a chance to save it, preserving a vast tract of this historical wilderness in a world heritage site."

The world will be able to follow the team's progress with live daily satellite reports to www.feedtherat.com/waterfalldreaming.html

Promo DVD via google video:


David Johnston

David Johnston

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