Hydrapak Introduces the Purebot

Wednesday, 21 January 2009
(Oakland, Calif.) Hydrapak in partnership with PlastiPure announces the first 100% safe plastic water bottle - Purebot. Creators of inventive hydration systems, Hydrapak has developed a safe plastic bottle line by partnering with PlastiPure - proprietors of the first plastic that is certified free from chemicals with estrogenic activity (EA-Free).

"Purebot is the first water bottle to be certified as EA Free. We are excited to be working with PlastiPure and to bring this important technology to the outdoor and bicycle markets." Said Matt Lyon, President of Hydrapak. "Plastipure has shown us that avoiding BPA is only part of the story and we want to offer the complete solution." PlastiPure certifies that the Purebot water bottles are tested by the most sensitive assays available ensuring no release of chemicals having detectable estrogenic activity. The Purebot carries the PlastiPure-Certified seal, making it easier for consumers to identify the safer plastic choice for them and their family.

Legislators have taken steps to ban BPA and Phthalates from water bottles, but these are only a few of the hundreds of estrogenic-activity (EA) chemicals found in plastics. These chemicals can greatly alter hormone levels, contributing to cancer and reproductive problems in adults and developmental issues in children. PurebotTM is the first water bottle certified as EA-Free. Purebot not only offers the safest plastic but it is durable, dishwasher safe and manufactured in environmentally friendly factories..

Launched in 2001, Hydrapak was introduced to satisfy the growing demand from athletes for personal hydration systems. Hydrapak creates innovative hydration systems and the unique Gel-bot line. For an overview of Hydrapak's technology, visit www.hydrationist.com. To view all packs and accessories visit www.hydrapak.com or call 510.595.8318.

PlastiPure is an advanced technology company located in Austin, Texas. The company was founded in the year 2000. Its business is to create and license new polymer formulations and plastic items, which are safer for consumer use. PlastiPure's teams of leading biologists, polymer chemists, sales personnel and industry experts have come together to advance the science of plastics. www.plastipure.com.

David Johnston

David Johnston

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