Wavewalk Launches Its New W500 Series - The World's Stablest Kayak

Tuesday, 12 May 2009
The new kayaks enable up to two adult passengers to paddle and fish in tandem, standing up.

Wavewalk's patented watercraft (US 6871608) offers a multitude of paddling positions, including standing, sitting, riding and kneeling, as well as intermediary positions. Passengers can switch between positions anytime. Therefore, unwanted physical symptoms associated with the unique, traditional kayaking position (L position) are eliminated - including back pain and leg numbness.

It's twin-hull design is reminding of catamarans, and improves tracking to a point where users are free from the necessity to use a rudder. Its enhanced stability offers passengers the ability to lean into the turn in order to steer and increase maneuverability. The new kayaks excel as versatile play boats at the beach.

The new kayak is easy to enter and exit, and enables launching and beaching in places where traditional sit-in and sit-on-top (SOT) kayaks could be impractical. All W500 kayaks feature a preparation for a cockpit cover that fits any waterproof fabric or plastic sheet.

The W500 series kayaks are 136 inches long and 28.5 inches wide, and offer 14 cubic feet of internal storage space, which is many times more than the biggest touring kayaks do. This enables its passengers to take with them more gear on board, for camping and fishing trips.

For more information please visit www.wavewalk.com

Yoav Rosen
Wavewalk, Inc.
83 Adams Avenue
West Newton, MA 02465
Tel: 1 (617) 916-2250

David Johnston

David Johnston

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