Team Dagger Athletes Go Huge to Kick Off 2009 Season

Wednesday, 27 May 2009
Dagger LogoEasley, S.C. - Team Dagger isn't messing around. The 2009 season is just getting rolling across most of the country and already Team Dagger has come up with two world records. Congratulations to Dagger ambassador athletes, Christie Glissmeyer and Tyler Bradt, for each setting world record waterfall descents this spring.

Christie Glissmeyer successfully ran the 82-foot Metlako Falls on Eagle Creek in Oregon, setting a new world record for highest waterfall descent by a woman, and a huge drop by any definition. The previous record of 78-feet stood for 11 years. Christie kept in perspective by explaining, "I don't need to run Class V every day to get my paddling fix, but it sure is fun to put on some big runs every so often to keep the skills sharp and keep things spicy."

It's been all over the news, so we couldn't help but brag a little about Tyler's jaw-dropping descent of the 186-foot Palouse falls in Washington State. In his typical, humble style, Bradt said, "I hope it encourages people not to run huge waterfalls, but to understand that the only limits that exist are the ones you create, no matter what you are doing." If you haven't already seen the run, check out the video here.

When "" asked Christie about the recent popularity of running huge falls, she responded, "There are some amazing athletes out there right now with very open minds about what can be accomplished in a kayak. Also, gear is improving all the time. Boat design, implosion systems, helmet protection, etc. have certainly come a long way since I started kayaking 11 years ago. Having good equipment makes a huge difference."

We couldn't agree more. Congratulations Christie and Tyler.

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David Johnston

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