European Union to Ban iodine for Use in Disinfecting Drinking Water

Wednesday, 17 June 2009
The European Union (EU) has announced that iodine will no longer be sold or supplied for use in disinfecting drinking water after October 25, 2009. This announcement directly impacts all 27 countries in the EU and can potentially set global precedents regarding the safety of using chemical-based water treatment products.

Using iodine to disinfect drinking water is a long-standing practice throughout the world, routinely used by outdoor enthusiasts, travelers, military personnel, disaster survivors and emergency respondents. When used for short periods, and with the correct dosage, it has been considered safe. However, the U.S. Center for Disease Control advises against consuming iodinated water for more than a few weeks. Pregnant women, those with a history of thyroid disease, and those allergic to iodine should not drink iodinated water.

Asked what the EU directive means for the USA, Ed Volkwein, president of Hydro-Photon, Inc., said: “I expect that in time the USA, and possibly other countries around the world, may consider similar action to what is stipulated in the EU directive. At Hydro-Photon we’re pleased to be part of a solution—our SteriPEN UV portable water purifiers ( destroy viruses, bacteria and protozoan microbes in just seconds without the use of chemicals. SteriPEN water purifiers provide safe drinking water anywhere, anytime.”

More information about the new EU Directive is available at

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David Johnston

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