GoLite Announces “I’m Not Trash” Product Take-Back Program

Tuesday, 16 February 2010
GoLite LogoBoulder, Colorado,-- GoLite, the premier manufacturer of lightweight, high performance, sustainable apparel and equipment designed specifically for outdoor athletes, announced today the GoLite Product Take-Back Program, a first of its kind in the outdoor industry. GoLite will take back and reuse, repurpose, recycle, and/or store for future recycling any GoLite apparel or equipment, regardless of its condition, that the company manufactured since its founding in 1998 (This does not include GoLite footwear, which is made by a separate company).

The intent of the program is to enable consumers to avoid ever sending their used or unwanted GoLite products to a landfill when there are so many positive options for giving their products a second life. GoLite will help consumers learn why their used GoLite products are not only “not trash,” but actually an opportunity to do the right thing cloaked in well-used performance gear and apparel. By visiting www.golite.com, customers can learn more about how to repair or repurpose their product locally, and if they decide to send it back to GoLite, the company will repair, donate, repurpose, recycle, and/or store for future recycling everything they get back, lock, stock and zipper pull.

“GoLite is committed to taking responsibility for what we make,” said GoLite’s Chief Sustainability Officer, Kim Coupounas. “We seek to extend the life and reduce the end-of-life footprint of our products. The Take-Back Program is just one example of how we hope to accomplish this mission.”

GoLite will accept all used and unwanted GoLite products that are sent to the Boulder headquarters or European agency headquarters. Products will be received at designated receiving points, sorted, and distributed to their appropriate donation/recycling end-point. Products that have no known location for recycling or donation will be stored in the GoLite distribution center for future possible reuse and/or recycling – including potentially repurposing some materials for use in GoLite’s extensive line of high performance gear and apparel.

While GoLite will take back product from anywhere in the world, in the U.S. GoLite will give U.S.-based consumers an incentive for doing the right thing by offering a one-time 20% discount to anyone who demonstrates how they have repurposed their GoLite product locally or who have sent their product(s) back to GoLite’s U.S. headquarters. In Europe, GoLite will pay for shipping of the product(s) back to GoLite. To learn more, visit www.golite.com.

About GoLite
GoLite is the premier global manufacturer of lightweight, innovative and sustainable apparel and equipment designed specifically for outdoor athletes. GoLite is dedicated to transforming the outdoor athlete’s trail experience by designing and developing simple, beautiful high performance gear that lets people experience nature more with less. GoLite is committed to building a truly sustainable business, one that minimizes its environmental impacts and produces its products in factories that are fair, safe, and non-discriminatory. GoLite products are available in 23 countries worldwide. For more information visit www.golite.com or call 888.5.GoLite.

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David Johnston

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