Trek Light Gear Launches New Products to Enhance the Camping, Travel and Hammock Lifestyle

Friday, 08 October 2010

Trek Light Gear LogoBoulder, Colorado-based Trek Light Gear has added to its line of "hammock-lifestyle" products with the launch of the VersaTrek multi-use gear hammock and swing and the Trek Flight Pocket Flyer, a portable, compact flying disc. After successfully selling its unique brand of portable and lightweight hammocks for over five years, Trek Light Gear added the VersaTrek and Trek Flight to its line of popular products as a way of enhancing the Trek Light Lifestyle that has become a growing phenomenon among outdoor lovers and hammock fans around the country.

After demoing the VersaTrek lightweight gear hammock and swing at trade shows earlier this year, Trek Light Gear responded to the positive feedback and has made this affordable and practical product available in its online store and retail location on the Pearl Street Mall in Boulder, Colorado. Avid hammock campers everywhere will love VersaTrek for its versatile uses as a "hammock" for gear or packs when camping without a tent, as a quick-setup chair, and of course as a fully functional lightweight hammock for any younger campers that fit its small frame. Trek Light Gear's customers have even begun creating their own uses for the versatile product including using it as a 'bear pouch' to keep food safely elevated in the trees while camping.

Seth Haber, CEO of Trek Light Gear and hammock enthusiast launched these new products with his customer in mind. "The days of cuddling up next to your gear in the hammock or hanging your pack in a tree are over," remarked Haber. Not having a proper place to put your gear has traditionally made it difficult for some campers and travelers when choosing to leave the tent behind in favor of a camping hammock setup. "With the VersaTrek, hammock campers will now have a safe and sturdy place to stash their gear while making sure it stays dry and easy to reach . And since it's lighter and stronger than any camping chair, the VersaTrek can also serve as a quick and easy hammock chair - getting you off the ground in style."

Also launched this summer was the Trek Flight Pocket Flyer - a sure to become instant classic among outdoor and recreational enthusiasts. The perfect travel companion anywhere you go, the Trek Flight is a compact flying disc (think of it as a travel Frisbee®) which flies extremely well and packs into its own tiny and portable pouch - easily fitting in your pocket or pack.

"Made with the same incredibly strong parachute nylon as our popular Trek Light hammocks, Eco Tote reusable grocery bags and the new VersaTrek, the Trek Flight Pocket Flyer is designed to help you have some fun on any adventure," said Haber. "You can take it camping, tailgating, on vacation or down to the park - and easily stash it away in its own carrying case."

In addition to launching these affordable and useful new products, this summer Trek Light Gear also launched the unique Trek Light Gear Design Shop - an online site where Trek Light "Lifestylers" can make their own Trek Light Gear and apparel by applying one of the many Trek Light designs to a variety of different products, including eco-friendly clothing, coffee mugs and reusable water bottles.

With happy customers around the country and thousands of hammock lovers as part of the Trek Light Gear online community, this Boulder-based business will continue to find innovative ways of reaching the outdoor enthusiast community and spreading the philosophy that "Life is better in a hammock."

For more information about Trek Light Gear and its products, visit or follow the company on Facebook or Twitter (@TrekLightGear).

Trek Light Gear was founded by outdoor lover and hammock enthusiast Seth Haber in 2005, After only a few short years, Haber's original notion that "life is better in a hammock" has evolved into a successful online business and a popular retail spot on the Pearl Street Mall in Boulder, Colorado. Although rooted in Colorado, Trek Light Gear hits the road all year long, taking its hammocks and its philosophy around the country and encouraging outdoor lovers to embrace the Trek Light Lifestyle. And with the birth of this lifestyle has come the evolution of the Trek Light brand and the release of new eco-friendly and "trek lightly" products.

David Johnston

David Johnston

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