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Monday, 01 January 2007
Arcata, CA - James Castrission and Justin Jones plan to kayak unsupported across the Tasman Sea in January 2007. Crossing the Ditch will be the longest trans-oceanic expedition ever attempted with 2 people in a double kayak, covering over 2200 kilometers in the open water. This will be the second longest trans-oceanic expedition relying solely on paddle power for propulsion. They will kayak out of Sydney Harbor, Australia on January 6th and travel in a custom-made kayak, laden with supplies, safety equipment, and communication systems, to the Bay of Auckland, New Zealand. The estimated length of this journey is 45-55 days.

"The risk management research undertaken is critical in ensuring safety and the overall success of the expedition" said team member James Castrission. James and Justin have spent the last 14 months creating a 40 page "Risk Management Proposal" which examines the major issues pertinent to the success of this expedition. "At a recent sea survival course we were in the water with professional sailors with all their purpose built survival gear...the Kokatat Expedition Dry Suit blew them all away. It kept us warmer, drier and ultimately safer than any one else in the water" James Castrission.

James and Justin are two adventurers from Sydney who share a deep passion for adventure and all things outdoors. Beneath all their actions, they hold a strong desire to explore and understand the extent of that which humans are capable of. Together they have undertaken numerous adventures both domestically and internationally, achieving a number of outdoor accomplishments. In 2001 they were both part of the first successful expedition to kayak the entire length of Australia’s Murray River (2560km). This expedition began at the source of the Murray River, near Thredbo in the high country, and was completed at its mouth at Goolwa, near Adelaide. In the process they raised over $9000 for the Starlight’s Children’s Foundation.

Crossing the Ditch is the story of two young Australians escaping all the upsets of the world by focusing their energies on achieving one of Australia’s last great first adventures. By pushing the boundaries of human endurance, these two mates are not just crossing a vast stretch of ocean but are delving deeply into a complex journey of self discovery.

For more information and to follow this expedition, please visit www.crossingtheditch.com.au.
David Johnston

David Johnston

David Johnston has been introducing people to the sport of sea kayaking for the past 15 years. He is a senior instructor trainer with Paddle Canada and teaches for several paddling schools in Ontario, Canada. Full Bio.

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