Aquapac's new Stormproof range gives electronics shelter from the storm

Friday, 01 April 2011

Aquapac LogoAs the calendar moves over into spring, Aquapac® – makers of 100 percent waterproof protective cases – rolls out its brand new Stormproof™ range, a colorful 14-item collection of affordable waterproof packs and pouches designed for outdoor use.

Being delivered in time to stave off April showers, the breadth of the new Stormproof range includes small pouches that hold and protect phones and MP3 players, to camera bags, padded laptop cases, drybags and backpacks. While not intended to be submersible, the Stormproof range offers lightweight and simple-to-use protection for outdoor enthusiasts to safeguard their equipment against the elements.

Almost all Stormproof items are classified with an International Protection rating of IPX6, which is “fire hose proof” (meaning they can withstand water projected from powerful jets). The Stormproof MP3 case, with a small hole for headphones, is rated an IPX3, meaning it protects against water spraying at most angles. Made of TPU coated nylon and featuring welded seams, all Stormproof Range items are backed by Aquapac’s 5-year guarantee.

“We’ve been making waterproof cases for more than 25 years and the Stormproof range represents a bit of a new direction for us,” said Tim Turnbull, CEO of Aquapac. “These cases give most outdoorsy folks the kind of waterproof protection they need for a whole host of activities, whether it’s spending a weekend in a campground or touring around the countryside.”

The Stormproof range is available on-line at or at various retail sites worldwide. Aquapac continues to be the leader in submersible waterproof cases, too.

Aquapac is a London-based company, with U.S. headquarters in East Norwich, N.Y. It produces 100% waterproof, 100% use-through cases that create a virtual second skin for personal electronics, photography equipment, maps, documents and other essential items. Follow Aquapac on Facebook and on Twitter (@Aquapac).

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David Johnston

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