Mion Launches The Amphibious Athletes Ambassador Program

Thursday, 24 May 2007
Mion FootwearOfficials from Mion Footwear, creators of innovative, performance footwear for amphibious athletes, announce the formation of a new Amphibious Athletes Ambassador program (Team A3) to include Tao Berman, Spencer Cooke and Jon Bowermaster.
Mion FootwearOfficials from Mion Footwear, creators of innovative, performance footwear for amphibious athletes, announce the formation of a new Amphibious Athletes Ambassador program (Team A3) to include Tao Berman, Spencer Cooke and Jon Bowermaster.

The Amphibious Athletes Ambassador program is designed to give those environmentally-engaged individuals, who actively participate in human powered water sports, the opportunity to give product development input, as well as to serve as spokespeople for the Mion® brand and its three pillars: performance, innovation and the environment.

These accomplished paddlers provided extensive feedback on Mion's Spring 2008 product line, which will be unveiled at Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2007 in Salt Lake City this August.

"Tao, Spencer and Jon are perfect examples of dedicated watersports enthusiasts who are accomplished in their respective careers and who possess shared values that are aligned with those of the Mion® brand," said Erik Burbank, general manager, Mion Footwear. "We are excited at the prospect of working with these three individuals who lend instant credibility to Mion's position as an innovative, performance footwear brand for individuals who are environmentally engaged and dedicated to water related pursuits and outdoor lifestyle activities."

To say that Tao Berman is merely an accomplished kayaker would be an understatement. Rather, he is an icon in the whitewater kayak scene who consistently pushes the limits and continues to revolutionize extreme kayaking.

Among Berman's accomplishments are world records for vertical distance and speed altitude descents, as well as one for tallest waterfall descent at 98.4 feet. Berman also has completed over 50 first descents on rivers around the world. While not kayaking or training, Berman has other outdoor interests including motocross riding and rock climbing.

Berman said, "I chose Mion as a sponsor because I think they are the most progressive shoe brand in the outdoor market. I think the product looks really cool, and most importantly, it is functional. I also believe the people behind the brand really want to make a positive difference, and I like being a part of that."

Spencer Cooke also joins Team A3. An avid surf kayaker, the North Carolina native is at home in the waves and has helped design kayaks specifically for surfing. Cooke is also an accomplished competitor with several top placements in both whitewater and surf events. His other interests include snowboarding, skateboarding and hacky sack.

"My initial reaction to Mion was ‘these things are funky looking,' and honestly I still think they're funky looking, but the functionality and ruggedness of Mion® footwear stood out to me as an obvious kayaking shoe," Cooke said of the performance water footwear brand. "Toes and heels are under constant abuse in a kayak and I could tell by looking at Mion's product that they had addressed those areas."

Cooke continues, "The mission of the Mion® brand is convincing and to the point, ‘footwear for the amphibious athlete, commitment to the environment.' All the elements for a great brand seemed to be in place, and the people at Mion are great to work with. I'm very pleased to be part of this strong, growing brand."

Mion's third A3 member is accomplished paddler Jon Bowermaster. Over the past 20 years, Bowermaster has written about adventure, the environment and exotic corners of the world for a variety of national and international publications, ranging from National Geographic to the New York Times, the Atlantic Monthly and Outside.

Much of Bowermaster's recent writing and adventuring has been on behalf of the National Geographic Society. Bowermaster has traveled to seven continents with experiences including two-person sledding across Antarctica, sailing a 60-foot sailboat across the Atlantic, and first descents of rivers from Chile to China. When not on the road, Bowermaster lives in Stone Ridge, N.Y.

Beyond providing an innovative new product, Mion is committed to a path toward environmentally sustainable practices. While performance footwear manufacturing is not yet a "green" process, Miōn is making every effort to embed its environmental philosophy into every aspect of its business.

Mion® Footwear will strive to operate as a carbon neutral brand beginning in 2007 and beyond. Mion is committed to 100% renewable energy, its U.S. distribution center gets 60% of its power from on-site solar panels, it uses recycled materials in all of its packaging and collateral, and Miōn has created and launched the industry's first Ecometrics label designed to provide visibility into the environmental impact of its products.

Mion's pellet-to-part injection molded EVA manufacturing process generates 90% less EVA waste than the traditional process of compression molding EVA. And Mion is committed to developing a program that will allow it to use 100% of the EVA production waste in future products.

For additional information on Mion® footwear, please visit http://www.mionfootwear.com. For media inquiries, please contact Verde PR at 970-259-3555.

David Johnston

David Johnston

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