Kokatat Sponsors "Ice & Ocean" Greenland 07 Expedition

Tuesday, 24 July 2007
kokatatArcata, CA - On August 16th 2007, New Zealand's Adventure Philosophy team members Graham Charles and Marcus Waters will embark upon another ground-breaking adventure - a 1300 kilometer ski and sea kayak journey through Greenland's frozen wilderness.

From Tasiilaq on the east coast they will climb glaciated terrain up to the vast and ever-frozen world of Greenland's ice cap. On skis, and hauling 100kg sleds in temperatures as low as -30 degrees Celsius, Charles and Waters will journey 700 kilometers over the highest point of the ice cap (9000ft). With a total area of 1.8 million square kilometers, (14 times the area of England) the ice cap is a vast, uninhabited polar desert. As the ice cap drops towards the west coast, the pair will once more need to cross complex glacier terrain to reach sea level. The expedition then becomes the first of its kind, as Charles and Waters shed their skis for sea kayaks and a 500 kilometer paddle south along the coast in near-freezing water and shifting pack ice. The expedition is to conclude at the capital city of Nuuk, after an estimated six weeks.

New Zealand's Adventure Philosophy team is one of the world's foremost expedition teams. In 2005 Waters, Charles and fellow team member Mark Jones completed the world's first sea kayak circumnavigation of South Georgia Island, in the southern ocean, which lays claims to one of the roughest, most exposed coastlines on the planet. In 2001 the team also completed an unprecedented 800 kilometer sea kayak traverse of the Antarctic Peninsula. Sea kayaks also played a part in the team's 2003 expedition - the first east-west traverse of the mountains of Tierra del Fuego, after an approach via sea kayak through the seas of Cape Horn.

"We are a team of friends who have adventured and explored together for the past 20 years. We share a philosophy of small self-contained teams embarking on adventures which leave no trace of their passing. Adventure Philosophy aspires to set a valuable precedent to the increasing numbers of people visiting our valuable remote wilderness area" says the team.

Find out more about the Adventure Philosophy Expedition Team and the Ice & Ocean Greenland 07 Expedition at www.adventurephilosophy.com and www.kokatat.com


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David Johnston

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