Therm-a-Rest Inflates Outdoor Comfort Standards

Friday, 17 August 2007
Thermarest Logo New Comfort Systems Provide Versatile and Lightweight Sleep Options.
Thermarest LogoSEATTLE, Washington - Therm-a-Rest, the global brand leader in outdoor comfort, has announced the launch of Therm-a-Rest® Comfort SystemsTM for 2008. The Trek & TravelTM Series is being expanded with the addition of key new products - the Tech BlanketTM and Fitted SheetTM, that together maximize outdoor comfort, providing customers with multiple sleep options whether in the backcountry or car camping. Additionally, the Trek & Travel Series will have two new self-inflating mattresses - the Trail ProTM and the TrailTM, along with two new sizes of the innovative puncture resistant ToughSkinTM mattress.

The new Therm-a-Rest Tech Blanket and Fitted Sheet, parts of a modular Comfort System, can be used together, separately or in an addition to a current sleep set-up. The Fitted Sheet is available in two sizes to fit snugly around a 20 or 25 inch Therm-a-Rest mattress for next-to-skin comfort, and can two can be snapped together for easy coupling of mattresses. The lightweight, quilted nylon Tech Blanket snaps to the fitted sheet for a secure top layer, but can also be used around the campfire like a poncho; for napping and sleeping in warm weather, or traveling in a car or airplane. The versatile Tech Blanket even folds into its own pouch to make a pillow.

"35 years ago, Therm-a-Rest invented the self-inflating sleeping mattress, which redefined how one could sleep warm and comfortably on the ground," said Doug Jacot, Therm-a-Rest Business Manager. "With the introduction of Comfort Systems, we're again raising the bar to the next level - that you can sleep outside like you do at home - and that a good night's sleep enhances your enjoyment of any outdoor activity."

Therm-a-Rest is also introducing the Trail Pro and Women's Trail Pro mattresses, the lightest two-inch mattresses they have ever made. Applying the same foam design as the best-selling ProLiteTM mattress Series, the Trail Pro offers weight savings without compromising comfort - resulting in the ultimate combination for people that sometimes carry their gear. The women's model offers extra insulation at the torso and feet, where women lose body heat first.

The Therm-a-Rest Trail mattress is a value-priced self-inflating mattress, ideal for summer camps and first-time backpackers. Using a solid sheet of foam covered in textured polyurethane, the Trail mattress makes for a warm, lightweight and non-slip sleeping pad.

All new products in the Trek & Travel Series will be available in January 2008.

About Therm-a-Rest®
Therm-a-Rest, one of Cascade Designs's flagship brands, has been the leader in outdoor comfort for more than 35 years, designing the finest portable sleeping and seating solutions available. The company's commitment to quality manufacturing and innovation ensures that every product offers unrivaled comfort and reliability. In addition to camping mattresses, Therm-a-Rest self-inflating technology can be found in VARILITETM wheelchair seating. For more information on Therm-a-Rest, call 1-800-531-9531 or visit

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