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There is a mystery a brewing on the St. Lawrence River in Ontario and it involves friend of the site, Scott Ewart, owner of 1000 Islands Kayak Company.

The other day the staff at in Gananoque, Ontario rented a kayak to a customer who wanted to take it out for a couple hours. The staff watched him paddle off across the river towards MacDonald Island (about 15 min paddle away) but got concerned and called police when he didn’t return at closing time.

Now two days later the police have yet to turn up any signs of the man or his rented kayak. Since then police have turned up information that the individual’s final destination was the US side of the river.

The local news did a report on the case (embedded below) but as you will see it’s a little vague on some of the key details of the story. It would seem strange that the kayak rental company would send somebody out in one of their boats without a credit card deposit or at least a name and waiver signed yet the article made no mention of that.

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