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Skook Classified: The Journey just posted part two of their ongoing series called Skook Classified. Episode 2: The Journey is a great little short film telling the story of The Hurricane Riders putting together Skookfest, an invite-only extreme rough water sea kayaking event in the tidal rapids at Skookumchuck Narrows , B.C which took place this past October.

Speaking of rough water, make sure you take some time and check out which is a really great website filled with the greatest rough water sea kayaking videos on the net. It’s curated by both The Hurricane Riders and Nick Castro from Active Sea Kayaking.

If you have always wanted to paddle Skook but feel you don’t have enough skills or guts, Nick from Active Sea Kayaking is going to be offering training in April and June of 2013. The multi-day course is focusing specifically on sea kayak surfing and paddling in tidal currents. Nick promises that things will start off gently than build up from there. Sounds awesome.

Check out the quick video below:

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Michael Pardy on the rocks.

Nick Castro from Active Sea Kayaking has posted another interesting video that we can learn from. This time he puts the deck camera on Michael Pardy, owner of SKILS and the two decided to mix it up in the rocks which is a nice break from the big water surfing that I have been watching and posting over the past couple of weeks.

Playing in and around rocks is a great skill to work on. It's a quick way to develop excellent boat control and gets you thinking about boat handling not from just a going forward perspective but also going backwards. You learn quick how to control both ends of the boat. It's also quite a challenge to get around a rock and not get pushed into it by the wave swells so you learn about timing and hull acceleration.

If getting involved in rockhopping is of interest to you, it's easy to get started. On a calm day find some rocks and get as close as you can without touching them. Once you get more confident do the same thing with a little bit more waves and swell. Work on going forward then backwards then add some speed to the whole thing. It's sometimes a nice change from just going out paddling and putting some miles under your hull. Go slow and start playing.

Finally, once you get more confident and start to look for rocks and medium swell, do yourself a favour and put on a helmet. Waves, rocks and that big melon on your shoulders often don't mix well.

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Thursday, 11 November 2010 22:15

Kayaking the Caves and Arches of Port Renfrew

Alex Matthews Kayaks the Caves and Arches of Port Renfrew

Alex Matthews and Nick Castro kayak the caves and arches of Port Renfrew - a small community on the west coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. The video gets exciting after the 1:30ish mark.

Video after the jump:

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Ocean Paddler Magazine with Nick Castro

Congrats to fellow Paddle Canada instructor, Nick Castro for making it to the cover of Ocean Paddler Magazine.

The awesome photo was taken last winter on Quadra Island in British Columbia in the middle of Surge Narrows by Alex Mathews.

Surge Narrows is famous for is massive tidal races where incoming tide can reach 16 knots as it squeezes through the islands. Not an area for the faint of heart!

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